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Rahul Sharma gets candid about the new web series ‘Hello Ji’

Rahul Sharma of Ek GharBanaunga fame makes his debut on OTT. He takes on the role of the beloved Bhushan in the latest ALTBalaji original web series HellloJee, launched on 1st February 2021. Rahul Sharma talks in detail about the character and the show.

You replaced Ansh Bagri for the role overnight. Any thoughts?

I do not know about Ansh Bagri being a part of this show, because when I was approached for the show I sent them my audition and within 2-3 days they wanted to finalize me because they didn’t have many days left to start the shoot. So, I got selected just 2-3 days before the start of the shoot.

How ‘HellloJee’ is different from the other Web series?

Helllo Jee is different because it showcases beautifully a story of girl and her journey of how she meets different people/characters and how those characters have their own problems and struggles. But still, this girl manages to be a part of their lives and makes way out of those struggles together as family members.

Share something about your character?

I am playing the character of Bhushan, a small town boy and from a small family, who was raised in the shadows of poverty. There is a struggle in his life but is always willing to take risks and carve a way for himself.

What made you say yes to the show?

This is my first Web series as a lead. In this series my character is very focused as to what he wants to do and how. And in the whole show he is focused on one aim and he does not divert his aim till the end. That was the reason which attracted me the most and this will be the reason why people are going to like my character.

What are your thoughts on the concept of ‘HellloJee’? 

Helllo Jee has a very interesting concept, not because it is my show but in general. There is a very interesting story which involves many characters who are living their lives in agony and how a small thing turns their lives upside down. There is a shift in their lives when they set up a business together and strive to make a better future together. Being a youth centric show, people are going to love it.

What preparations have you done for your character in the show?

Preparing for Bhushan was quite tough for me, as I came at the last moment for the show and at first I was not able to find that Bhushan inside myself. So, I faced many problems during the shoot at the start as I was not able to bring my character to life. So, it was all natural what I performed on set, even with the dialect and diction which was required to do justice to my character. Let’s hope that the audience loves my character.

How is your experience shooting with the co-stars? Did you shoot any intimate scenes with them?

Experience with the co-stars was absolutely superb and everybody was fabulous. We had a great time on set. I mostly shot with Nyra, Kashish and Nitin, so I had a great time with them and even with the young co-stars they were also brilliant like Rahul Verma, Dheerendra, etc.

What are your expectations from ‘HellloJee’?

Like everybody in the Show, I also believe that HellloJee will do well. We have worked very hard on this project and we all want our work to be noticed and appreciated by the audience. I personally want to leave a mark in this platform as I did in the television industry.

What is your take on Nepotism?

Nepotism is everywhere not only the industry but in every occupation. I personally don’t have any complaints about nepotism as people worked hard for it, their parents worked hard for it and their children are getting the benefits of those sacrifices and struggles. You have to prove your worth to the industry and audience and if you are not able to prove they are worthy they are considered a failure. So, nepotism is a neutral term for me.

What is your take on the term ‘Womance’? How much are you getting paid? 

I got a decent amount for the show. It was not low but I was comfortable with the amount. If you have good people around you, everything is worth it.

Tell us about your upcoming projects apart from ‘HellloJee’

Currently I am on talking terms with a lot of television shows as well as web shows. So as soon as I confirm, I will let you all know the good news.


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