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Importance of Physical Fitness and Mental Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Anubhav Bhatia

A Punjabi and Indian by heart, living in the USA for the last 5 years, I wanted to share my experiences so that more and more people get encouraged to get fully vaccinated and start focusing on their physical and mental health.

Staying at home can be challenging in different ways for everyone but it also gives you an opportunity to connect with your families, friends and most importantly yourself.

While the nation is in a state of war against COVID, there are 2 important areas that need not be ignored – Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness.

Immediate focus on Physical Fitness and Mental Wellness of self and our families will go a long way in helping us bounce back as a stronger and fitter nation. I am not an expert in either of these but can share few tips which helped in my journey so far as I continue to learn more about self –

  • Balance your macros (Carbs, Fat and Proteins) and portions instead of calories for the food you eat every day. My regular 1500 calories diet in a day used to be a composition of Carbs (50-60%), Fat (30-40%) and Protein (less than 10%). While maintaining the same calorie intake for the day, I try to balance my macros at Carbs (30-35%), Fat (30-40%) and Protein (30-40%). Depending on your goals you need to identify what is the best composition for you and gradually work on to that. If you ate more, don’t skip the next meal, instead balance your macros.
  • Focus on the form and breathing instead of intensity when you are working out, even for running and walking. Find out the right techniques for each workout and continue practicing that. 5 months ago, I could barely run 3 minutes at a stretch and now with practicing the right techniques and focusing on breathing I can run up to 40 minutes at a stretch.

Raising your consciousness is the key. Become more aware of everything you do in a day, everything that goes inside you and everything that is happening around you. Live Mindfully, Set Intentions and Act Consciously.

This is not a COVID recovery story but the one about how we can all recover from this pandemic –

 Day 1 after vaccination (2nd dose) –

Got my #SecondShotOfVaccine (Pfizer) Sunday, May 9th. I was completely fine until, I went to bed around 11 PM.

After that, I started experiencing excruciating body pain to the extent that I recalled my family, friends from 1st grade till now in an hour-long flashback.

I felt suffocated and wanted to be with all of them and wished for their good health.

After a couple of hours around 3 AM, I realized that this pain is good, nothing compared to of those who contracted COVID, those who succumbed to it and the families and friends who are mourning.

Of all the financial and non-financial contributions I have made in this fight against COVID, I believe ‘Getting Vaccinated’ is the biggest one.

Day 2 after vaccination (2nd dose) –

If for some reason you got scared, here is a Day 2 update. I thought I would take it light but was able to go for a 40 min run today morning at about 70% intensity of my usual runs.

Just listen to your body as it is recommended to wait for at-least 2 days before coming back to your normal routine.

1 dosage of Tylenol, lots of fluids, healthy foods, massage with muscle relaxing oil and most importantly the feeling of protecting people around you helped in fast recovery.

I went back to work and was able to do all my routine activities without any discomfort.

Without hurting the beliefs of anyone, I request everyone to get vaccinated not only for yourself and your families, but for the society at large in this war against COVID.

#GETVACCINATED as soon as it’s available to you and that would be one of the best contributions you can ever make in this #FIGHTAGAINSTCOVID

I will share more about the food groups and techniques that have helped me in my next post, as I continue to learn more about it to achieve my next milestones.

The writer is working as a Senior Risk Manager at one of the leading telecom companies in the USA.

#GetVaccinated #FightAgainstCovid #FitterIndia #StrongIndia


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