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A Foodie’s Guide To Punjabi Winter Sweets

Thand se “panga” is never “changa”…!!

We all have certainly experienced the chilly winter nights sitting beside a bonfire with soothing music in the backdrop, the heartfelt warm touch of a loved one while sipping the sizzling cup of brew.
‘Sone pr suhaaga’ in this layout is a soulful dessert to level up the love in the air.
In the Punjab region, there are various winter special sweets which can undeniably bring a big smile to our faces. Undermentioned are some of the most exceptional winter special sweet dishes nurtured by the Punjabis through their love and pure madness for food .
One of the most treasured sweet dish is ‘Gajar ka Halwa’ or Carrot halwa, made with fresh carrots, milk, ghee & nuts topped with khoya. Generally it takes up to two hours to prepare the same but the resultant flavour is totally worth the toil.
People here are also fond of ‘Moong Daal Halwa’, made with moong lentils, sugar, ghee and cardamom powder. Not only does it taste delicious but also it is profoundly aromatic.
Another favoured sweet dish is ‘Til Bhugga’ or ‘Til ke laddoo’, which is basically a sweet made with sesame seeds. These laddoos lay a precedent as to how minimum ingredients can lead to maximum fulfilment.
Then there is ‘Panjiri’ , ‘Goondh ke laddoo’, ‘Kadai ka doodh with dipped jalebis’, which are loved and a great deal for people who have a strong inclination towards dry fruits.
In winters, when everything else outside is freezing, try these sweet dishes that just melt in your mouth.
Allow these desserts to give you a warm and a blissful ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ ..
This year, let’s have it the punjabis way..!!
( Aastha Sharma & Naina Bhatt )


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